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About Us

About Us

NADcro, a division of Creative Biolabs, is a contract development and manufacturing company (CDMO) with a focus on the product development and service of innovative nucleic acid drugs, especially in the areas of gene function, cell biology and drug research. We are committed to bringing a new generation of nucleic acid drugs from concept to commercialization.

We provide nucleic acid drug CRO technology platform and CDMO/CMO overall solutions, providing customers with comprehensive, highly customized and high-level nucleic acid drug discovery, process and analysis development, CMC services, API production and drug registration. Our goal is to accelerate your development project from concept to commercial production and listing process, saving you valuable time and cost.

Through extensive and in-depth collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies, Creative Biolabs will comprehensively help to bring more innovative nucleic acid drugs into clinical trials and to enter the market.


focuses on the early development and production of nucleic acid drugs. Some services we provide include high-quality Oligo synthesis and modification, high-content cell imaging and screening, lead molecule discovery, optimization and drug candidate identification, drug development, early toxicity evaluation, animal testing and other technical services. In addition, we can also provide CDMO services for GMP production of nucleic acid drugs to fully address the needs of the early development of antibody drug.


focuses on the key nodes in the early discovery of nucleic acid drugs, and is committed to establishing an advanced innovative nucleic acid drug research and development and project incubation platform. Our facilities can cover advanced research and development processes, such as high-throughput, high-content screening, high-throughput synthesis, high-throughput sequencing, cell biology analysis, molecular biology and biochemical analysis and animal experiments.