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Target Screening, Identification and Validation

Target screening, identification and validation of new drug targets not only provide important information for revealing the mechanism of drug action, but also have important significance for the development of new drugs, the establishment of screening models, and the discovery of lead compounds.

As a partner of national pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, Creative Biolabs provides service of target screening, identification and validation for the early stages of the nucleic acid drug development process. Creative Biolabs is equipped with advanced research platform, experienced researchers, professional and rigorous project director which ensure the rapid research progress while minimizing costs. Beyond that, Creative Biolabs also provides one-stop service so that you can commit to your research.

Target Screening, Identification and Validation Services We Can Provide:

1. High-Throughput Screening/High-Content Screening

High-throughput screening is an efficient method for drug screening, and a large amount of valuable drug information can be obtained in one experiment. It combines sophisticated automation systems, including dedicated software, multiple operating systems, computers, and robotic grippers. Those robotic grippers are used to process microplates automatically at each step of a prescribed assay. Analytical microplates contain a large number of wells, and samples from spare plates in the compound library are applied to each well. Creative Biolabs can set up high-throughput screening methods according to users' needs to quickly screen safe and effective "hits" or nucleic acid drug carriers.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • The new reference multi-mode microplate PHERAstar® FSX reader.
  • The microplate cytometer TTP Acumen® eX3.
  • The robotic workstation.

2. Computer-Aided Target Identification and Validation  

To be faster and more accurate, many silicon tools which depends on computers have been developed. They are mainly divided into sequence-based approach and structure-based approaches. Computer-aided target identification and validation is a virtual operation which use computational methods find and validate putative target form various databases. Database construction involves a wide range of necessities and possibilities, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • In Silico Target Prediction.
  • In Silico Protein Prediction.
  • In Silico Functional Analyses.

3. Gene Manipulation

Creative Biolabs can combine genetic material (homologous or heterologous, prokaryotic or eukaryotic, natural or synthetic DNA) from a variety of sources in vitro with viral and bacterial plasmids in the carrier system using biochemical methods to conduct gene manipulation.

4. Structure Determination

Creative Biolabs provides customers with structure determination services, providing accurate information of molecular structure which is a prerequisite for rational drug design and structure-based function research.

Our structure determination services:

  • X-ray crystallography service. X-ray crystallography uses the scattering effect of electrons on X-rays to link X-rays with crystallography, providing reliable answers to many redundant structure-related questions such as overall folding, ligand or substrate binding and other specific information. X-ray crystallographic diffraction analysis is the most important method for determining the three-dimensional structure and function of macromolecular proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy service. NMR spectroscopy is suitable for all stages of pre-clinical research and development of new nucleic acid drugs, and can detect the nature of organic compounds and the interaction of their surrounding chemical environment.
  • Cryogenic electron microscope service.
  • Small angle X-Ray scattering service.
  • Neutron scattering service.

5. Functional Analysis

Creative Biolabs provides functional analysis services for further identification and validation of new drug targets.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many services of functional analysis:

  • Digital video service.
  • Metabolic pathway analysis service.
  • Target location service.

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