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Oligonucleotide Drug Design

Oligonucleotides (ONs) are a class of drugs that are composed of 12 to 30 single or double chains of ribose oligonucleotides synthesized by artificial chemistry. They act on target messenger RNA(mRNA) by Watson-Crick base pairing principle. They can be divided into two major categories, including antisense oligonucleotides (ASODN) and small interference RNA (siRNA). Creative Biolabs provides high quality customized oligonucleotide drug design services. As a leading oligonucleotide drug research and development production partners, Creative Biolabs has leading technology advantages, talent advantage and platform advantage, with high quality system of key raw materials, process, transfer and verification. Creative Biolabs assist partners do strict management for drug production, achieving efficient and economic production.

Oligonucleotide Drug Design Services We Can Provide:

1. Design, Optimization and Coupling Process Development of ASODN

ASODN is widely used in drug target screening and drug design. ASODN technology including: 1. Chemical modification of ASODN; 2. Design and screening of ASODN; 3. Study on the mechanism of ASODN; 4. Construction and application of technology platform; 5. Determination of gene function and selection of drug targets.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • First-generation ASODN.
  • Second-generation ASODN.
  • Third-generation ASODN.

2. Design, Chemical Modification and Coupling Process Development of siRNA

SiRNA is an important intermediate effector molecule by which RNAi action occurs. SiRNA technology can conveniently suppress specific genes, which can be endogenous or exogenous.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • Chemical synthesis.
  • In vitro transcription.

Advantages of purification methods service: The synthesis method of RNA is the same as DNA, but the chemical synthesis of RNA is more difficult, due to the low coupling efficiency of RNA base, easy decomposition of products and the need for special protection. Creative Biolabs has a wealth of RNA synthesis experience and has improved a set of RNA synthesis and purification technology, providing high quality RNA synthesis products. There are three levels of RNA synthesis products: standard purification, PAGE purification and HPLC purification. You can choose the appropriate level of products according to the experimental needs.

  • Standard purification.
  • PAGE purification.
  • HPLC purification.

3. Design and Chemical Modification of CpG Oligonucleotide

Creative Biolabs can provide you with CpG oligonucleotide service:

  • Synthesize custom CpG ODN. You can contact us to submit your primer sequence and synthesis requirements. We will synthesize customized CpG ODN according to your specific requirements.

Our CpG oligonucleotide productions:

  • Mouse immune adjuvant.
  • Chromed CpG bone marrow cell culture additive.

4. Design and Chemical Modification of miRNA and Anti-miRNA Oligo

Creative Biolabs provides customers with miRNA and anti-miRNA oligo services, providing more choices in the direction of design and chemical modification of miRNA and anti-miRNA oligo.

Our miRNA and Anti-miRNA Oligo service:

  • Synthesize Customized miRNA and Anti-miRNA Oligo ODN.
  • Antisense technique. Creative Biolabs provides antisense techniques that specifically inhibit miRNA activity.

5. Design of Triplex Forming Oligonucleotide

Creative Biolabs provides TFO design and optimization services. The constructed TFOs can be used directly for further drug development research.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many services of TFO:

  • Design and Synthesize Customized TFO.
  • Define and Optimize the Conditions of TFO Design.
  • Antigene technique.

6. Design and Chemical Modification of Decoy

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many services of decoy:

  • Chemical Modifications of Decoy.
  • Decoy Strategy of Transcription Factor.

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