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High Throughput Synthesis Platform Service

Creative Biolabs have the international advanced level of oligonucleotides nucleic acid high throughput synthesis customization platform, with leading Oligo Process 1800 mmol nucleic acid synthesis platform, large-scale Oligopilot 400 nucleic acid synthesizer, Oligopilot 100 nucleic acid synthesizer, AKTA explorer purification apparatus, AKTA pilot purification apparatus, AKTA process purification apparatus, ultrafiltration system, medium freeze-drying equipment, automatic liquid system, purified water system and cleaning system. Creative Biolabs production center can complete the production of a single batch of microgram, hundreds of gram level and kilogram level of various nucleic acids. The production capacity of nucleic acid API is industry-leading, which can meet the needs of different stages such as scientific research and development, new drug screening, clinical drug production and commercial contract production. Creative Biolabs has established a complete production monitoring and quality control platform.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • High throughput DNA synthesis service. Creative Biolabs introduces a new generation of high-throughput synthesis platform for on-chip DNA. Using precise electrochemical technology, tens of thousands primers can be synthesized on a semiconductor chip at one time. We ensure high quality DNA fragments, whole gene synthesis, pathway synthesis, genome synthesis, nucleotide pools and the synthesis of a variety of mutant libraries through innovative synthesis process design and quality management. Creative Biolabs uses a real sense of chip synthesis technology, which can provide cost-effective technical services. Our genetic products and custom services have covered the synthesis, construction and shuttle of any DNA fragment in any carrier system.
  • High throughput primer synthesis service. Creative Biolabs has the industry's leading primer synthesizer and a professional technical team to achieve perfect primer synthesis and purification process. We monitor the synthesis of each primer throughout to ensure the delivery of high quality primers to each customer. Creative Biolabs synthesizes primers in accordance with the high standard of primers required for complete gene synthesis and sequencing and provides complete pre-sale and post-sale quality service for high throughput primer synthesis.
  • High throughput RNA synthesis service. Creative Biolabs provides a full range of RNA types for the synthesis of a variety of RNA length range which is flexible specifications and can meet customer research needs. We can provide customers with ordinary chemosynthesis siRNA, chemosynthesis miRNA and chemosynthesis single-stranded RNA.

The advantages of Creative Biolabs high throughput synthesis platform are as follows:

  • Fully automated production line. Creative Biolabs nucleic acid product synthesis, processing, packaging adopt automation process, that can avoid manual operation error and accelerate the production efficiency of the product.
  • High throughput capacity. Creative Biolabs enables the daily completion of customized synthesis tasks for different oligonucleotide molecules.
  • Strict quality standards. Creative Biolabs is equipped with advanced automated mass spectrometry detection equipment and professional nucleic acid mass spectrometry analysis system. Strict quality control to ensure the correctness and completeness of the sequence in the service process.
  • Fast lead time. Creative Biolabs can complete all the production and quality control procedures within the specified time according to customer requirements for conventional customized products.


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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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