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Technology and Platform

Creative Biolabs has established a number of technology platforms, which can provide high-quality technical services for the R&D and production workers of nucleic acid drugs at home and abroad. Creative Biolabs is equipped with the most advanced equipment and the most professional team of experts for the technology platform. The Creative Biolabs technology platform is led by experienced, high-level scientists who are familiar with advanced technologies and scientific advances in related fields. Creative Biolabs not only provides the most advanced technical support to our customers, but also provides the most advanced information on the progress of the industry.

Services We Can Provide:

1. High throughput synthesis platform.

Creative Biolabs have the international advanced level of oligonucleotides nucleic acid high throughput synthesis customization platform, with leading Oligo Process 1800 mmol nucleic acid synthesis platform, large-scale Oligopilot 400 nucleic acid synthesizer, Oligopilot 100 nucleic acid synthesizer, AKTA explorer purification apparatus, AKTA pilot purification apparatus, AKTA process purification apparatus, ultrafiltration system, medium freeze-drying equipment, automatic liquid system, purified water system and cleaning system. Creative Biolabs production center can complete the production of a single batch of microgram, hundreds of gram level and kilogram level of various nucleic acids. The production capacity of nucleic acid API is industry-leading, which can meet the needs of different stages such as scientific research and development, new drug screening, clinical drug production and commercial contract production. Creative Biolabs has established a complete production monitoring and quality control platform.

2. The HTS and HCS platform. 

The high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS) platform of Creative Biolabs enables customers to perform experimental procedures and result data collection at the molecular or cellular level through microboards, automated operating systems and sensitive screening instruments. This service platform of Creative Biolabs allows a large number of samples to be tested at the same time. The platform analyzes and processes the experimental data by computer and obtains a large number of meaningful data. Our HTS device uses a 384-well plate to detect the permeability, stability, metabolic pathways, metabolites and cytotoxicity of oligonucleotide drugs at molecular or cellular level and even on 3D cultured cell models. Creative Biolabs uses a variety of detection techniques such as chemical light, fluorescence, absorbance to conduct research. Creative Biolabs can actively understand the specific needs of customers, and recommend more appropriate screening schemes according to the indicators that customers need to test, so as to ensure the success of screening service.

3. High-throughput sequencing service. 

High-throughput sequencing (HTS) is referred to next-generation sequencing (NGS). Creative Biolabs provides HTS service that can sequence hundreds of thousands to millions of nucleic acid molecules at a time. HTS service assists clients in the realization of detailed and holistic analysis of a species' transcriptome and genome. The HTS technology platform of Creative Biolabs is equipped with genomic DNA libraries, RNA libraries and PCR products libraries. This service can provide sample preparation and quality control, construction of library, HTS, bioinformatics routine analysis and the customized analysis to customers.

4. Bioinformatics platform.

Bioinformatics platform of Creative Biolabs provides data analysis services to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad for sequencing data analysis. Creative Biolabs provides application support for bioinformatics and biostatistics, Focusing on the design of high-throughput sequencing experiment, data analysis of the consultation and support.

5. Cell biology laboratory.

6. Molecular biology and biochemical analysis laboratory.

7. Animal laboratory center.

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