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Preparation and Aseptic Filling or Lyophilization Service

Creative Biolabs is building aseptic preparation production workshops for filling line, including automatic liquid preparation, automatic aseptic filling and packaging of nucleic acid pharmaceutical products, which meet FDA of the United States, EMA of the European Union and the specification requirements of other countries and regions, such as Japan and South Korea. Creative Biolabs uses high quality and proven cyrin bottles, rubber plugs and aluminium caps from the world's leading packaging suppliers. Creative Biolabs provides customers with a one-stop service for the full range of nucleic acid drugs, including drug discovery, clinical research and commercial production.

Services We Can Provide:

1. Preparation service.

Creative Biolabs accurately grasps the personalized needs of customers for pharmaceutic preparation and actively communicates related matters. We mobilize technology and team strength to fully match the differentiated needs of specific customers. We are committed to excellence in preparation quality and management. We arrange the core management to directly participate in the project and integrate the power from the top down to solve the problems arising in the preparation process from the overall situation of the project. We protect the intellectual property rights of the pharmaceutical process data provided by customers throughout the process and sign confidentiality agreements. The project team encrypts the internal documents and information system to protect the customer's entire information of oligonucleotide drugs.

2. Aseptic Filling service. 

  • BFS aseptic filling service. Creative Biolabs provides three in one aseptic filling process service of blow, fill and Seal. Under the control of computer program, BFS can complete CIP and SIP of all material pipelines, making bottle making, filling and sealing in the same aseptic environment under the protection of grade A air shower. The BFS equipment makes its own containers in aseptic condition, so there is no need to clean and sterilize the containers, which save the process water and energy. Without high temperature sterilization, BFS equipment can realize aseptic filling and achieve stable product quality. This service can be applied to a variety of forms of aseptic product filling and production of a variety of aseptic containers. The filling line of Creative Biolabs can help customers build diversified and high-quality filling capacity, meet various flexibly filling needs and support customers' products to market as soon as possible.
  • Robot sterile preparation filling line. Creative Biolabs has introduced a robotic sterile oligonucleotide pharmaceutical filling line, which has flexible and diverse filling capabilities. We can assist customers to achieve high filling accuracy and excellent sterility assurance. Through Vanrx SA25 equipment, filling speed is fast and qualified rate is high. The whole filling process is completed in a closed system with the help of robot filling isolator. The entire filling line is free of glove isolators and human intervention, which achieves high stable filling accuracy and excellent aseptic guarantee level. Creative Biolabs has the ability to deliver high quality pharmaceutical products to customers.

3. Aseptic lyophilization service. 

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Thank you for choosing our service of preparation and aseptic filling or lyophilization. If you have any questions, please contact our staff, we will answer and serve you immediately.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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