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Targeted Delivery System

The development and optimization of targeted delivery systems enables targeted delivery of nucleic acid drugs to the therapeutic site, which helps to maintain effective concentrations of drugs at the target sites and avoid damage to healthy tissue. The development of targeted delivery systems needs all kinds of optimization forces such as chemists, biologists and engineers to realize. Creative Biolabs can assist customers to selectively concentrate nucleic acid drugs on target tissues, target organs, target cells and intracellular structures through local delivery gastrointestinal tract, or systemic blood circulation by means of modification such as vector, ligand or antibody.

Creative Biolabs is a service agency of biomedical research and development. Creative Biolabs integrates the world's leading technical talents and advanced instruments to help customers realize the development of targeted nucleic acid drug delivery systems.

Services We Can Provide:

1. Drug Stability Service.

Nucleic acid drugs face the challenge of stability in their application. Creative Biolabs provides solutions for optimization of nucleic acid drugs, including modification of stability and synthesis of nucleic acid drugs service.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • Sugar ring modification. Sugar ring modification is a widely used method of siRNA modification. Type A double helix is essential for siRNA activity, and the role of 2'-OH is not required. Creative Biolabs can assist customers with 2'-O-ME modification, which has good compatibility and can enhance RNA affinity and ribozyme stability.
  • Phosphor ester chain modification. Some modifications to phosphodiester chains are compatible with RNA interference mechanisms. The ribozyme stability of siRNA modified by borane phosphate is better than that of natural siRNA.
  • Double chain structure modification. Small intermally segmented interfering RNA consists of three strands, including a complete antisense strand and two 9-13 nt sense sequences. Compared with traditional siRNA, small intermally segmented interfering RNA has better silencing activity and lower off-target effect.

The popular star product:

  • In vivo siRNA/chemical modification siRNA. In vivo siRNA/chemical modification siRNA of Creative Biolabs adopts special chemical modification and can be directly injected into animals. Creative Biolabs adopts unique siRNA chemical modification technology and use high quality raw materials. Through strict quality control system, Creative Biolabs can effectively enhance the in vivo stability of siRNA.

2. Hepatic Targeting Service. 

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in the innovative development of high-end targeted nucleic acid drug formulations and has assisted customers to complete efficient and specific small nucleic acid drug delivery services.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • Triantennary N-acetyl Galactosamine. Triantennary N-acetyl galactosamine is a high affinity ligand for liver cell surface specific asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR). Through the modification of triantennary N-acetyl galactosamine, Creative Biolabs can help our clients achieve the performance improvements of second generation antisenseoligonucleotides (ASOs) in the liver.
  • Nucleic acid drug liposomes. Creative Biolabs can modify nucleic acid drug with galactose to prepare liposomes to achieve the liver active targeting delivery.
  • Retinol - c - PEI/ASO complexes. Creative Biolabs can provide carrier design and synthesis service for transport of ASO. By linking small molecular weight polyethylene imide (PEI,1.3KD) with retinol activated by CDI (N, N' -carbonyl diimidazole), the carrier for liver targeted delivery can be provided.

3. Tumor Targeting Service. 

As a professional-based and research-driven global leader in drug development services, Creative Biolabs is committed to assisting clients in the development of nucleic acid drugs and providing modification design and synthesis services for tumor targeting of nucleic acid drugs.

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