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Druggability Analysis

Druggability refers to the ADME properties and safety properties, including appropriate physicochemical, biochemical, pharmacokinetic, safety and structural novelty, which are sufficient to enable the active compound to enter phase I clinical trials. Druggability is an essential characteristic of a candidate drug or even a drug and is the goal of lead optimization and drug candidates. Druggability is an important pillar of new drug development. The evaluation of the druggability of candidate drugs belongs to the development stage of drugs, which includes preclinical comprehensive evaluation, clinical evaluation and industrialization research. The comprehensive evaluation of pre-clinical druggability is the bottleneck of the low efficiency of new drug creation.

Creative Biolabs is a service agency of biomedical research and development. Creative Biolabs integrates the leading drug research and development technology service platform to provide druggability evaluation services to global enterprises. Creative Biolabs is committed to providing a one-stop service for early drug screening and preclinical comprehensive evaluation.

Services We Can Provide:

1. Physico-Chemical Service

To serve scientific researchers and pharmaceutical companies, we can provide a perfect evaluation platform for medicinal properties. Our platform can meet the needs of different types of physico-chemical service, helping customers improve the success probability of a new drug.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • The determination of molecular weight of drugs.
  • The determination of solubility and dissolution rate of drugs in different solutions.
  • The determination of partition coefficient. (1) logP; (2) AlogP; (3) ClogP; and (4) Lipophilic ligand efficiency (LLE).
  • The determination of stability. (1) Light stability (2) Thermal stability (3) pH stability.
  • The determination of topological polar surface area (TPSA).
  • The determination of the number of hydrogen-bonded acceptors and hydrogen-bonded donors.
  • The determination of the number of rotatable bonds.

Featured technical service:

  • The high-resolution mass spectrometry is applied to determine molecular weight.
  • To calculate the topological polar surface area, the ChemOffice Professional 15 is used.

2. Biochemistry Analysis Service

Creative Biolabs has a wide range of rich experience in molecular biology, cell biology and structural biology. Through the cell level technology platform, Creative Biolabs helps customers conduct compounds screening and characteristics, action mechanism and biomarkers analysis research, guaranteeing the strong implementation of the project and helping customers to promote the progress of drug development.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • Drug plasma protein binding rate. Drug plasma protein binding rate is the percentage of the amount of drug binding to plasma protein in the total drug concentration.
    • Conventional equilibrium dialysis.
    • Ultrafiltration.
    • Hypercentrifugation.
    • Gel filtration.
    • Distributive equilibrium.
    • Stable isotope-GC-MS.
    • Spectroscopic techniques.
  • Phase I metabolism.
  • Phase II metabolism.
  • Human Ether-a-go-go Related Gene (hERG) service.

3. Pharmacokinetic Analysis Service 

Creative Biolabs assists clients in the detailed study of the bioabsorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of candidate drugs.

4. Toxic Side Effects Service

Creative Biolabs assists the client in conducting toxicological evaluation, which is strictly in accordance with GLP requirements and can identify the potential toxic effects and target organs of the drug candidates, providing a reference direction for possible clinical adverse reactions.

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