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Functional Analysis Service

Creative Biolabs is a professional high-end pharmaceutical research and development service company that specializes in providing professional services throughout the preclinical trial process for the development of new drugs. Creative Biolabs can help global pharmaceutical innovation and R&D enterprises to provide comprehensive functional analysis solutions to ensure research quality, reduce R&D risks, shorten R&D cycle, save R&D funds, and promote product marketization process. The business scope of Creative Biolabs functional analysis service includes digital imaging functional analysis, drug metabolism pathway functional analysis services and target positioning functional analysis services.

We provide but are not limited to:

  • Digital Imaging Functional Analysis Services
  • Digital imaging refers to a new drug research method based on scientific and technological progress in the process of screening, confirming and verifying drug targets. It is a high-resolution fluorescence digital imaging system that used by high-content screening technology. Digital imaging is the key to a high-content screening system, and its excellent image data management software can effectively manage and analyze huge amounts of data.

    What we can provide:

    • Can detect screening at the same time the influence of sample in cell morphology, growth, differentiation, migration, apoptosis, metabolic pathway, and signal transduction.
    • Can be used to activate the target detection.
    • Observation of cell apoptosis, cell division index, the cell viability, cell viability and cell cycle and signal transduction.
    • Locate protein translocation, computational cell migration, receptor internalization factors.
  • Drug Metabolism Pathway Functional Analysis Services
  • Drug metabolism refers to the process in which a drug changes its chemical structure under the action of a variety of drug-metabolizing enzymes in the body (especially liver drug enzymes). Creative Biolabs is a professional bio-technology services platform, with professional researchers and strict quality control, we can provide drug metabolism functional analysis services.

    What we can provide:

    • Combine oxidation reaction generating device with instrument analysis system.
    • Quickly analyze which active sites on drug molecules will be oxidized during metabolism.
    • Directly detect active metabolic intermediates.
    • Infer possible metabolites.
  • Target Positioning Functional Analysis Services
  • Target positioning of drug targets is to use certain calculation methods to locate and predict the potential targets or pharmacological effects of compounds.Creative Biolabs is a professional bio-technology services platform providing outsourced drug target screening, identification and validation functional analysis services. With professional researchers and strict quality control, we can provide target positioning of drug targets functional analysis services.

    Advantages of target positioning:

    • Can predict the new indications of old drugs and new drugs.
    • Only use known drug-target network topology information to locate drug targets.
    • No need for any structural information of small drug molecules or target proteins.
    • Discover new therapeutic indications from target diseases and disease genes.
    • Old medicines with adverse effects may provide useful information.

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Creative Biolabs is a professional biotechnology service platform that provides pre-clinical evaluation technology. Thank you for choosing our service of functional analysis. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer and serve you immediately.

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