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Aptamer Screening Services

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Aptamer Screening Services

Nucleic acid aptamer is a type of single-stranded DNA or RNA nucleic acid molecule with specific recognition function. Its essence is to fold nucleic acid molecules to form a specific three-dimensional structure and bind to biological targets with high affinity and specificity. It is compatible with monoclonal antibodies. At the same time, it has the advantages of antibodies that cannot be compared. Therefore, it has shown a rapid development trend in basic research and applied research in the field of biomedicine.

Aptamer Screening ServicesPrinciple of nucleic acid aptamer

Creative Biolabs is a professional biotechnology services platform, provide outsourced experiments for oligonucleotide synthesis research. We have professional researchers and strict quality control to ensure the screening of high-quality aptamer.

Nucleic acid aptamer screening platform

Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment (SELEX) screening technique

Basic principle: Use molecular biology technology to construct a synthetic single-stranded random oligonucleotide library, it random sequence length is about 20~100 bases. The random oligonucleotide library will interact with the target molecule to retain the binding. After repeated amplification and screening cycles of aptamer, the oligonucleotide sequence that specifically binds to the target molecule can be enriched.

Each round of screening includes 3 main steps:

(1) Incubation of oligonucleotide random sequence library and target molecule;

(2) The oligonucleotide/target molecule complex is separated from the unbound oligonucleotide;

(3) The bound oligonucleotide sequences are eluted, and these sequence libraries are amplified using PCR. Then enter the next round of screening process.

Aptamer Screening Services

Advantages of nucleic acid aptamer:

  • Smaller molecular weight
  • High sensitivity
  • High throughput
  • Not easy to be affected by environmental factors such as pH, temperature and denaturation,
  • Cheap price
  • Can be screened in vitro
  • No immunogenicity and toxicity, can be prepared, modified and labeled by chemical synthesis
  • Good chemical stability, reversibility and renaturation, can be amplified and cut by enzyme
  • Strong specificity and higher affinity for target molecules
  • Aptamers are easier to obtain, can be synthesized in a large amount and quickly in vitro, and the preparation method is simpler
  • It can be screened for different types of targets, which broadens the scope of its application

Aptamer screening services mainly include:

  • RNA aptamer screening
  • DNA aptamer screening
  • Peptide aptamer screening
  • Cell-specific aptamer screening (Cell-SELEX)
  • Aptamers screen for protein / antibody binding
  • Aptamer screening peptide binding
  • Aptamer screening for RNA binding
  • Aptamer screening for small molecule binding
  • Aptamer screening for DNA binding protein binding

Applications of nucleic acid aptamer screening:

  • Research molecular recognition testing
  • Participate in gene expression regulation: and develop new antibiotics
  • Study the function of proteomics
  • Exert great application potential in disease diagnosis and imaging


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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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