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In Vivo Toxicological Evaluation

Creative Biolabs provides a flexible protocol for in vivo toxicological evaluation of screened drugs. Through a variety of drug delivery approaches, Creative Biolabs can examine adverse reactions, determine the degree and reversibility of toxic reactions and establish a dose-effect relationship to help customers select clinical trial doses and predict genotoxicity. According to the client's request, we can conduct clinical indication observation, histopathological analysis, gross observation, clinical biochemical analysis, hematology test and urine test for the selected drugs. Creative Biolabs has an internationally certified laboratory animal zone, which can carry out a full range of animal tests.

In Vivo Toxicological Evaluation Services We Can Provide:

1. Local Toxicity Assay Services

Local toxicity refers to the direct damage caused by some drugs at the site of contact with the body. It initially appears as cell death at the site of direct contact. It mainly includes stimulation test, irritability test and hemolytic test.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many models of local toxicity assay services:

  • Irritant test. Irritant test is to observe whether the blood vessels, muscles, skin, mucous membrane and other sites contacting with the selected drugs appear redness, congestion, degeneration, necrosis and other local reactions.
  • Allergy test. Allergy test is to observe whether the screened drugs induce specific immunoreactions, causing tissue damage or physiological dysfunction.
  • Hemolytic test. Hemolytic test is to observe whether the screened drugs induce hemolysis and erythrocyte aggregation. 

2. Dose Range Assay Services

Creative Biolabs helps clients explore dose-response relationships and dose-toxicity relationships, discovering appropriate dose range for clinical trials.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many models of dose range assay services:

  • Maximum tolerated dose (MTD).
  • Dose limited detixitien (DLT)
  • Minimum effect dose (MED)

3. Acute Toxicity Assay Services

Acute toxicity evaluation is one of the basic types of in vivo safety evaluation. It plays a special role in safety evaluation. MTD or MFD can be determined in the initial acute toxicity assay.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many models of acute toxicity assay services:

  • No observed adverse effect level (NOAEL).
  • Minimal lethal dose (MLD)
  • Maximum tolerated dose (MTD).
  • Median lethal dose (LD50).

4. Repeat Administration Toxicity Assay Service

Repeated administration toxicity assay is to observe the long-term toxicity reaction of the drug to animals, after the main pharmacodynamics and acute toxicity tests of the new drug have been completed and the value of further study has been confirmed.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many models of repeated administration toxicity assay services:

  • Single dose toxicity test.
  • Repeated toxicity tests.
  • Toxokinetics in the long-term toxicity reaction.
  • Toxicological testing of new drug delivery techniques.

5. Toxokinetics Analysis Service

Toxicokinetics is an integral part of preclinical study. On the basis of understanding the results of toxicity studies, this study compares the results with clinical data to evaluate safety in humans. The emphasis of toxicokinetics is to explain the results of toxicity tests and to improve the value of safety evaluation data.

Creative Biolabs can provide you with many models of toxokinetics analysis services:

  • Plasma protein binding test.
  • Tissue uptake test.
  • Metabolic characteristics of species and genera.
  • Pharmacological activity of metabolites.
  • Immunogenicity and toxicological effects.

Advantages of In Vivo Toxicological Evaluation Services:

  • AAALAC certified SPF grade experimental animal zone.
  • All procedures for the study are subject to animal welfare regulations and approved by IACUC.
  • A comprehensive technical service platform in line with international standards.
  • High cost performance. Help customers to speed up the experiment process, reduce the total cost and shorten the time consumption
  • Personalized experimental scheme. Senior expert team provides customer with scientific advice, customized experimental solutions to meet your individual needs.

If you have any questions, please contact our staff, we will answer and serve you immediately.

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