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miRNAs Synthesis Services

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNAs with regulatory functions found in eukaryotes, with a size of about 20-25 nucleotides. Mature miRNAs are produced by a series of nuclease shearing and processing of longer primary transcripts, and then assembled into RNA-induced silencing complexes. miRNAs recognize target mRNA by base complementary pairing, and guide the silencing complex to degrade target mRNA or inhibit the translation of target mRNA according to the degree of complementarity.

miRNAs Synthesis ServicesProduction process of miRNAs

Creative Biolabs is a professional biotechnology services platform, provide outsourced experiments for oligonucleotide synthesis research. We have professional researchers and strict quality control to ensure the synthesis of high-quality miRNA.

miRNAs Synthesis ServicesmiRNA synthesis process

miRNAs Synthesis ServicesmiRNA is closely bound to the mRNA ORF region, forms a double-stranded structure that leads to the degradation of mRNA

miRNAs Synthesis ServicesThe relatively loose binding of miRNAs to the 3'UTR region of the mRNA (that is, allowing more mismatches) inhibits post-transcriptional translation of the mRNA

miRNA synthesis products we can provide:

miRNA mimics
  • miRNA mimics is a chemically synthesized mature miRNA double strand that can enhance the function of endogenous miRNA. It mainly includes a sequence consistent with the target miRNA mature body sequence and a complementary sequence with the miRNA mature body sequence.
  • Features:
  • Synthetic miRNA mimics covers almost all miRNAs in the miRBase database such as human, mouse and rat
  • Enhance the specificity of endogenous miRNA function
  • Provide miRNAs in different forms and lengths and designed by customers
  • microRNA sequence is from miRBase (http://www.mirbase.org/)
  • Application:
  • Analysis of target gene mRNA levels
  • miRNA 3'UTR target site verification analysis
miRNA inhibitor
  • miRNA inhibitor (inhibitor) is a kind of mature miRNA complementary single-stranded chemically synthesized and designed by methoxy modification. Inhibitors specifically targeting specific target miRNAs in cells can effectively inhibit the activity of endogenous miRNAs in organisms for the study of miRNA loss of function.
  • Feature:
  • Screening of miRNA target sites
  • Screen the miRNA that regulates the expression of a certain gene
  • Screening of miRNAs that affect cell development
  • The chemically synthesized miRNA inhibitor can be transfected into cells only by wrapping it with transfection reagent
  • No need to construct a vector
  • No need to worry about virus protection, and the transfection efficiency can be observed with the transfection control
miRNA Agomir
  • miRNA Agomir is a double-stranded small RNA that has been specially labeled and chemically modified. It modulates the biological functions of target genes by simulating endogenous miRNA into the miRiSC complex. Mainly modify the antisense strand of miRNA Agomir, with cholesterol modification at the 3'end, four sulfo backbone modifications at the 3'end, two thioskeleton modifications at the 5'end, and full chain methoxy modification.
  • Features
  • Compared with ordinary miRNA mimics, Agomir has higher stability and miRNA promotion effect in animals
  • Can be enriched in target cells
  • In animal experiments, administration can be performed by systemic or local injection
miRNA Antagomir
  • miRNA Antagomir is a specially labeled and chemically modified single-stranded small RNA designed according to the mature microRNA sequence and prepared by chemical synthesis. It is a high-efficiency blocker specifically designed to inhibit endogenous microRNA. Antagomir is mainly modified with cholesterol at the 3'end, four thioskeleton at the 3'end, two thioskeleton at the 5'end, and 2'methylation modification on the whole chain.
  • Features
  • Compared with common miRNA inhibitor, miRNA Antagomir has a higher affinity for cell membrane
  • It has higher stability and inhibitory effect in animals
  • The suppression lasts for a long time, at least one week, and the interference effect can last for 5-6 weeks at the longest

Our miRNA products mainly include miRNA Mimic (double-stranded), miRNA Mimic negative control, miRNA inhibitor (single-stranded RNA), and miRNA inhibitor negative control.

RNA Order Size
miRNA Mimics (double-stranded) 5nmol 10nmol 20nmol >20nmol
miRNA Mimics nagetive control 5nmol 10nmol 20nmol >20nmol
miRNA inhibitor (single stranded) 5nmol 10nmol 20nmol >20nmol
miRNA inhibitor nagetive control 5nmol 10nmol 20nmol >20nmol

Competitive Advantages:

Flexible synthesis scales
Bulk orders are available upon request.
Stringent quality control
High-quality and cost-effective
Both unmodified and modified RNA oligos are available.
Comprehensive backbones
Fast turnaround: 5-10 business days

Quality Assurance

Complete order service system
All RNA oligonucleotides are manufactured under strict SOP quality control process
High resolution Waters chromatography with ESI-MS to ensure purity

Delivered results

Synthetic RNA lyophilized powder
COA documentation
Assay reports (MS & HPLC)


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